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NH Fish and Game’s Important Ice Fishing Dos and Don’ts

‘Tis the season for ice fishing. Even the more seasonal anglers could fall through the ice. If this happens, the first thing you do NOT want to do, is panic. That would be natural though, so before heading out to catch the big one, here are some safety tips from New Hampshire Fish and Game.

First, it’s not advisable to drive vehicles onto the ice, but New Hampshire Fish and Game does offer this “rule of thumb” on ice thickness:

“There should be a minimum of six inches of hard ice before individual foot travel, and eight to ten inches of hard ice for snow machine or All-Terrain Vehicle travel,” and also a quick reminder, “Thick ice does not always mean safe ice! Ice can be thick, but not strong, because of varying weather conditions.

Also, I came across this excellent video showing how to perform a self rescue, if you were to fall through the ice. Worth a watch and a share.

Have fun!

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